holly wore a cross to ward them off. she said, "if they think you're a christian, then they won't bring in the dogs. and if they think you're a catholic, then they'll wanna meet your boss." holly wore a cross to ward them off.

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David LaChapelle, Addicted to Diamonds, 1997

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hey garden spot high school we just wanted to reach out as supporters of art, music and the creative spirit in general… we know how much work goes into putting a song together. we wanted to either come visit you guys and play a song (that is sanctioned) or have you guys out to a tour date to play one with us….


I’m dead.

Here’s the story.

kkstar and shakespeareandpunk

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"I don’t love him but he’s here and you aren’t"

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Real Life Disney Girls ✷

            ∟ Jirka Väätäinen

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The Big LGBTQA* Film Masterpost


  • i really hope you enjoy this list, if any of the links are broken or you need subs feel free to ask and i’ll try to sort it out
  • please reblog if you like so more people can see this list.
  • light hearted/funny films are marked with a *
  • darker and or possibly triggering films are marked with a (TW).
  • for films i’ve seen i’ve tried to add trigger warnings to the best of my ability - the films i have seen are marked in bold. 
  • please send me an ask if any of the films i haven’t marked need trigger warnings - i’m going off the imdb pages alone for a few of them. i’ll be happy to add them
  • if you like the films to help support lgbtqa* film please buy the dvds/watch on netfilx or other on demand service if you have the means.
  • some of the links are on veehd. do not download the plugin on this site instead create an account on the site then load the video you want to watch this will bypass the site asking you to download the plugin.

Films with lesbian and bisexual women characters

  1. A Marine Story    (imdb)
  2. Affinity     (imdb)
  3. After Sex  *     (imdb)
  4. An Unexpected Love     (imdb)
  5. Amiee & Jaguar  (TW)     (imdb)
  6. April’s Shower *    (imdb)
  7. Better Than Chocolate      (imdb)
  8. Bloomington  cw: teacher/student relationship (imdb)
  9. The Bostonians      (imdb)
  10. Bound   (TW)    (imdb)
  11. Breaking The Girls (TW)     (imdb)
  12. Butterfly Kiss (TW)     (imdb)
  13. But I’m a Cheerleader *    (imdb)
  14. The Children’s Hour (TW)  (imdb)
  15. Chasing Amy(imdb)
  16. Circumstance (TW)     (imdb)
  17. Cracks(TW)    (imdb)
  18. D.E.B.S     (imdb)
  19. Desert Hearts     (imdb)
  20. Elena Undone    (imdb)
  21. Farewell, My Queen     (imdb)
  22. Femde Haut (TW) (imdb)
  23. Fingersmith (TW) tw: sexual assault Part 1    Part 2    (imdb)
  24. Fire (TW)    (imdb)
  25. The Four-Faced Liar *   (imdb)
  26. Fried Green Tomatoes   (imdb)  
  27. Ghosted    (imdb)
  28. Go Fish    (imdb)
  29. Gray Matters  (imdb)
  30. The Gymnast   (imdb)
  31. High Art (TW)  (imdb)
  32. I Can’t Think Straight   (imdb) 
  33. I, The Worst of All  (TW)   (imdb)
  34. If These Walls Could Talk 2    (imdb)
  35. Imagine Me and You * very funny comedy a must watch  (imdb) 
  36. In Her Line of Fire     (imdb)
  37. The Incredibly True Adventures of Two Girls in Love * adorable and diverse romance, a must watch - my favourite lesbian film  (imdb)
  38. Itty Bitty Titty Committee       (imdb)
  39. Je te mangerais      (imdb)
  40. The Kids are All Right      (imdb)
  41. Kissing Jessica Stein (imdb)
  42. Kyss Mig (With Every Heartbeat)   (imdb)
  43. Lianna        (imdb)
  44. Lost and Delirious (TW)  (imdb)
  45. Love and Other Catastrophes     (imdb)
  46. Loving Annabelle (TW) Part 1    Part 2   Part 3     (imdb)
  47. Mädchen In Uniform (TW)      (imdb)
  48. My Summer of Love          (imdb)
  49. Mulholland Drive   (TW)    (imdb)
  50. The Night Watch (TW:)       (imdb)
  51. Nina’s Heavenly Delights     (imdb)
  52. Pariah   (imdb)
  53. Producing Adults     (imdb)
  54. Puccini for Beginners      (imdb)
  55. Red Doors     (imdb)
  56. Room In Rome  SUBS   (imdb) (no subbed version online download file them open subs in km player please ask if you have any problems)
  57. Running on Empty Dreams   (imdb)
  58. Saving Face * (UPLOAD)   SUBS  (imdb) an excellent film  Note: No copy of this film online with full subs, please download video and subs and then load the subs in KM Player or other video player - please send me an ask if you have any trouble.
  59. Show Me Love (Fucking Åmål)    (imdb)
  60. The Secret Diaries of Miss Anne Lister   (imdb)
  61. Therese and Isabel      (imdb)
  62. Tipping The Velvet     (imdb)
  63. Water Lillies      (imdb)
  64. When Night Is Falling    (imdb)
  65. The World Unseen  (TW)    (imdb)
  66. Yes or No *    (imdb)

Films with gay and bisexual male characters

  1. A Home at the End of the World  (imdb)
  2. A Love To Hide tw: nazis  (imdb)
  3. Absent     (imdb)
  4. Adam & Steve * (imdb)
  5. A Single Man (TW) tw: suicide tw: death   (imdb)
  6. All Over The Guy  (imdb)
  7. Angels In America (TW)  (imdb)
  8. Another Country  (imdb)
  9. Bad Education (TW) tw: fascism tw: sexual assault  (imdb)
  10. Beautiful Thing *   (imdb)
  11. Beginners  tw: cancer tw: death  (imdb)
  12. Before Night Falls (TW)   (imdb)
  13. Bent  (TW) tw: homophobia tw: nazism tw: holocaust   (imdb)
  14. Beauty (TW) (imdb)
  15. Big Eden *   (imdb)
  16. The Birdcage * (imdb)
  17. Borstal Boy (TW)   (imdb)
  18. Boy Culture    (imdb)
  19. The Boys In the Band   (imdb)
  20. Brideshead Revisited     (imdb)
  21. Breakfast With Scot *  (imdb)
  22. Broderskab (Brotherhood) SUBS  (imdb) (TW) tw: racism tw: nazism tw: homophobia tw: violence An excellent film, not an easy watch but worth it all the same Note: No copy of this film online with full subs, please download video and subs and then load the subs in KM Player or other video player - please send me an ask if you have any trouble. 
  23. Brokeback Mountain tw: homophobic attack (imdb)
  24. Broken Hearts Club * (imdb)
  25. The Bubble  (imdb)
  26. Burnt Money (TW)(Spanish no subs)    (imdb)
  27. Christopher and His Kind (imdb)
  28. Clapham Junction (TW)   (imdb)
  29. Ciao     (imdb)
  30. Comme les autres    (imdb)
  31. C.R.A.Z.Y   (imdb)
  32. The Curiosity Of Chance *    (imdb)
  33. Defying Gravity (TW:)    (imdb)
  34. Dream Boy   (imdb)
  35. East Side Story    (imdb)
  36. Edge of Seventeen *   (imdb)
  37. En Kort En Lang *  (thank you to willgrahamcrackercrumbs for uploading this film) a very silly film, but a really enjoyable watch if not taken too seriously  (imdb)
  38. Eyes Wide Open   (imdb)
  39. Fighting Tommy Riley      (imdb)
  40. Fixing Frank (TW)    (imdb)
  41. Food of Love (imdb)
  42. Gayby *    (imdb)
  43. Get Real*    (imdb)
  44. Gods and Monsters     (imdb)
  45. Guys and Balls(imdb)
  46. Happy Together (TW) (imdb)
  47. Heartbeats (NEEDS SUBS) (imdb)
  48. Head On (imdb)
  49. Howl (TW) tw: mental illness/discussion of mental insititutions    (imdb)
  50. I Killed My Mother (J’ai tué ma mère)     (imdb)
  51. I Love You Phillip Morris *     (imdb)
  52. In & Out    (imdb)
  53. Is It Just Me? * (imdb)
  54. Jeffrey *   (imdb)
  55. Just A Question of Love (Juste une Question d’Amour) (imdb)
  56. Keep The Lights On (TW:) tw: drug abuse/addiction. one of my favourite gay films     (imdb)
  57. Latter Days (TW) tw: suicide    (imdb)
  58. Leo’s Room  (imdb)
  59. The Line of Beauty  Part 2  Part 3  (TW) (imdb)
  60. Little Ashes   (imdb)
  61. Longtime Companion  (TW)   (imdb)
  62. Loose Cannons   (imdb)
  63. Love In Thoughts (TW:(imdb)
  64. Mala Noche (TW)   (imdb)
  65. Mambo Italiano *   (imdb)
  66. The Man Who Loved Yngve    (imdb)
  67. Maurice * (excellent period drama)  (imdb)
  68. Mulligans    (imdb)
  69. My Beautiful Laundrette (imdb)
  70. My Own Private Idaho     (imdb)
  71. Mysterious Skin (TW)    (imdb)
  72. North Sea Texas   (imdb)
  73. Parting Glances (no online link) 
  74. Patrik Age 1.5 * (very funny and heartwarming)   (imdb)
  75. Pedro    (imdb)
  76. Philadelphia  (imdb)
  77. Plan B  (imdb)
  78. Priest (TW)  (imdb)
  79. Red Dirt  (imdb)
  80. Save Me (TW:)  (imdb)
  81. The Sex of the Angels (TW)   (imdb)
  82. Shelter * (again a must watch a great film)  (imdb)
  83. Sommersturm   (imdb)
  84. Stealth  (imdb)
  85. The String     (imdb)
  86. Straight-Jacket *   (imdb)
  87. Sum Of Us *    (imdb)
  88. Those Who Love Me Can Take the Train     (imdb)
  89. Toast *    (imdb)
  90. Torch Song Trilogy    (imdb)
  91. Total Eclipse (TW)     (imdb)
  92. Touch of Pink *    (imdb)
  93. Trick *     (imdb)
  94. The Trip    (imdb)
  95. Undertow (No Online Link)   (imdb)
  96. The War Boys (TW)     (imdb)
  97. The Wedding Banquet *   (imdb)
  98. Wedding Wars (imdb)
  99. Weekend * (a must watch in my opinion one of the best, probably the best gay movie) tw: drugs  (imdb)
  100. Were the World Mine *    (imdb)
  101. Wild Reeds    (imdb)
  102. Yossi and Jagger (TW:)     (imdb)
  103. Yossi   (imdb)
  104. You Should Meet My Son *     (imdb)

Films with transgender, genderqueer, non binary or intersex characters 

  1. A Girl Like Me: The Gwen Araujo Story  (TW:) (imdb)
  2. The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert *    (imdb)  
  3. Albert Nobbs     (imdb)
  4. Beautiful Boxer  (imdb)
  5. Boys Don’t Cry (TW) tw: murder  tw: rape tw: transphobic language/situations tw: self harm tw: violence  (imdb)
  6. Breakfast on Pluto    (imdb)
  7. The Crying Game (TW)    (imdb)
  8. Different For Girls *    (imdb)
  9. En Soap  (imdb)
  10. Flawless     (imdb)
  11. Gun Hill Road   (imdb)
  12. Hedwig and the Angry Inch *   (imdb)
  13. Kinky Boots *    (imdb)
  14. Laurence Anyways    (imdb)
  15. M. Butterfly      (imdb)
  16. Ma Vie En Rose * (No online link - Avaliable on Netflix)  (imdb)
  17. Orlando     (imdb)
  18. Paris Is Burning  (imdb)
  19. The Rocky Horror Picture Show  (imdb)
  20. Romeos       (imdb)
  21. Solider’s Girl (TW)   tw: murder tw: violence (imdb)
  22. Southern Comfort  (TW) tw: cancer  (imdb)
  23. Tomboy       (imdb)
  24. To Wong Foo Thanks for Everything, Julie Newmar *   (imdb)
  25. Transamerica (TW)      (imdb)
  26. Venus Boysz       (imdb)
  27. Wild Side   (TW)  (imdb)
  28. XXY    (TW) tw: sexual assault   (imdb) 

Films with lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans* characters

  1. Rent (film) Part 1   Part 2  tw: death  (imdb)
  2. Rent (filmed live on Broadway)  Part 1   Part 2 tw: death

LGBTQA* Interest

  1. Fabulous! The Story of Queer Cinema   (imdb)
  2. The Laramie Project  (imdb)
  3. Milk    (imdb) (TW) tw: suicide tw: homophbia
  4. The Celluloid Closet   (imdb)
  5. Prayers for Bobby  tw: suicide (imdb)
  6. The Times of Harvey Milk  (imdb)
  7. We Were Here (imdb)
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Who are twenty one pilots?

inspired by x

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Emma Stone - Unscripted

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