holly wore a cross to ward them off. she said, "if they think you're a christian, then they won't bring in the dogs. and if they think you're a catholic, then they'll wanna meet your boss." holly wore a cross to ward them off.

Fri, 16th of August

summer love playlists are overrated // in november, i was thrilled to talk to you. just talk. in february, i wanted to meet you in person, to hug you and explain how glad i was that we still spoke. in april, i wondered if you, too, couldn’t stop thinking about me. in may, she contacted you and i prayed the smile reached my eyes. in june, i hated a girl i’d never spoken to. in june, i didn’t have to try because i couldn’t stop smiling. now it’s august, but i hope this is more permanent than suntans and melting ice cream.

01. this is gospel by panic! at the disco // 02. yes yes by the colourist // 03. take your time (coming home) by fun. // 04. six (interlude) by the hush sound // 05. i would do anything for you by foster the people // 06. best day of my life by american authors // 07. this is for real by motion city soundtrack // 08. last nite by the strokes // 09. kids by mgmt // 10. tonight you’re perfect by new politics // 11. summertime by mat musto // 12. lonely for her by jack’s mannequin // 13. never enough by jjamz // 14. sweater weather by the neighbourhood // 15. heartbeats by josé gonzáles // 16. when the day met the night by panic! at the disco // 17. shiver shiver by walk the moon // 18. oh, love! by william beckett // 19. 1996 by the wombats // 20. you’re so damn hot by ok go // 21. cape town by the young veins // 22. kids in love by mayday parade

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